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Spa Doctors

Problem with your spa? Get help from our panel of experts.

Spa Doctors

Has your spa got you baffled? Water difficult to manage? Technical problem and don’t know who to call? Do not despair, we can help.

We have lined up for your interrogation a dedicated panel of experts who are famous (or infamous) in the UK hot tub industry for their unending knowledge of both the technical and aftercare elements of spas & hot tubs. Despite their youthful looks our experts have a combined experience of 60 plus years in the UK pool and spa industry and are all very well respected in their individual rights within the industry.

Whether you have a specific issue or just want some general advice on any subject, please feel free to pose your questions to our panel in the spa doctor section of our popular discussion forum. It’s really easy, just register, log in, then post your question.

In no particular order of importance may we present our resident spa doctors:

Spa Doctor Profile: Dorian Davies

<p>Dorian Davies has been employed in the swimming pool and spa industry for his entire professional life since leaving school after 'A' Levels at 18. Qualifying with distinction from the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE) student education course in 1989, Dorian has earned a reputation for his considerable technical knowledge of commercial and domestic pools and hot tubs, particularly in the areas of filtration and water treatment, and has had many articles published in the trade press over the years. Dorian is currently the Field Sales Manager for Golden Coast, UK distributors of Marquis Spas, one of North America's most well known and respected portable hot tub brands, and sits on the committee of the British and Irish Spas &amp; Hot Tubs Association (BISHTA).<br /> &#160;</p>

Spa Doctor Profile: Nick Clamp

<p>Nick Clamp is the&#160;Editor of What Spa? Magazine and has been involved in the hot tub market for over 5 years.&#160;Following&#160;a&#160;career in sales &amp; marketing&#160;with several&#160;blue chip companies, Nick became involved in the hot tub market and&#160;subsequently launched What Spa? in 2005.&#160;He is&#160;in touch with the entire What Spa readership and therefore pits his wits against&#160;a whole host of technical and water care questions, bringing in the skills of the Spa Doctor panel where necessary. If you have any technical questions please feel free to email them to <a href=""></a></p>

Spa Doctor Profile: Jim Lamb

<p>Jim Lamb has&#160;many years experience in the pool and spa industry and was formerly a fully qualified mechanical engineer. Jim now runs his own pool and spa retail business, Regency Pools and Spas Ltd. in Churchdown, Gloucestershire. Prior to launching his own hot tub business Jim was a regional account manager for the UK's leading pool &amp; spa water treatment specialist Biolab U.K. Jim is a well known character to the pool and spa industry as he has conducted many pool &amp; spa training seminars for end users and retailers including British &amp; Irish Spa &amp; Hot Tubs Association (BISHTA) accredited courses. He is technically qualified with the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (I.S.P.E.) and has become renowned for his expertise in the field of pool and spa water chemistry.<br /> &#160;</p>

Spa Doctor Profile: Darren Waters

<div>Darren Waters has with many years experience as a specialist hot tub service engineer and is the founder of Spafix UK Ltd which is an independent spa and hot tub servicing company.&#160;Since the company was&#160;formed in October 2007, Spafix has enjoyed rapid expansion as&#160;its reputation has grown within the the hot tub industry and with its growing client list. Darren brings broad experience of the technical aspects of many hot tub brands to our Spa Doctor panel and can answer&#160;the vast majority of&#160;technical questions that&#160;are posed&#160;from our readers.</div>

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